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    Rotax Racing Sc Wheel Help

    Hi All

    I am looking to buy a second hand rotax racing SC wheel for my 06 rxp. The ski is stock, and i am looking to do minimal mods to get some more go...

    Was thinkin to change the washers and SC wheel, and maybe airfilter and free flow exhaust...

    The guy who had it got 8.8-9PSI on his boat.. will i need ECU-injector mods to run this wheel?

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    Not until you change to an external intercooler. You'll be in a safe range with the stock injectors and being under 10 psi.

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    If you plan to go that route, contact JFizzleJr for your Intercooler needs. He can point you in the right direction.

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    It's pretty well accepted on the board that you can run the RR/Greenwheel/Akit with the stock intercooler and stock injectors. This combo will go 73-75 mph with supporting mod's. Add the external intercooler and you can expect 75-77 mph, but you'll need the 42's. Then, you could go up to a S3 supercharger and go 77-79 mph, plus a couple guys have broken 80.

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