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    Question's about pricing on gp800r parts...

    Hey all, Just have a few price questions about parting out my gp800r.
    I want to be reasonable for the buyer, and also reasonable to my pocket.

    What Would you ask for a 800 p/v motor with 120/120 compression, looks all good... no rust anywhere?
    A hull with about 35 hrs on it, minor minor beaching marks... clear title.
    Will the pump fit any 800/1200/1300?

    Also, Does everything covert to any other gpr... 800 - 1200 - 1300?

    Any other price's or links would be very helpful, I did a search for a 800 P/V motor... but I couldn't find anything.

    Thanks again!

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    If the engine is good, and the hull is good, why are you parting it out?

    For individual parts prices, I'd suggest looking at one of the online parts sources for the new price of a part, then ask about half of that to start with.

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    The 800 hull has different mount positions than the 12/1300 hulls and are not compatable.

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