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    Advice on buying a XL1200 1999

    Ok guys, i am looking at a 1999 XL 1200 which is for sale with 269 hours on it. It theatrically had a rebuild 40 hours ago but no receipts. I called the motorbike shop that did the rebuild and they confirm it was a complete rebuild two years ago crank up.

    I have looked at it and for it's age it really isn't to bad with even compression, what i was wondering if it all went bad what's the replacement cost of the block.

    I was going to pull the carbs as a safety measure after reading posts here and do a complete carb kit of each and replace the fuel filter and dump the fuel in the tank. As well as removing the oil pump and mixing my own oil / fuel ratio.

    Anything else i should be looking out for, thanks for the help.

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    You need to install Waveeater clips for the powervalves to prevent them from falling over into the cylinders.

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    thanks you the advise guys, looks like it's a go.

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