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    2001 sxi pro stalling problem???

    Hello, I have recently puchased a 01 sxi pro that is in great condition... However when I start the ski it runs for maybe 2 minutes and dies, but if I turn the choke to the first opening the ski will run fine and stay on!!! Thanks for your help and looking foward to hearing your thoughts...

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    Welcome to the forum! Congrats on the ski... Problem could be poor fuel, fuel filter... check the simple things first... keep us posted... We'll go from there.

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    i had an '98 that stalled on the start line as soon as you gunned it. i reset my carbies low and high screws and all was fine if someone has played with them i bet it is your trouble it effects the transition from idle to accelaration also check fuel tank breather isnt blocked.

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    Did it sit for a long time before you bought it? If so, there's a good chance of bad gas or gum in the carbs, fuel pump, etc.

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    Try some SeaFoam. An additive for marine boats. Its great for fuel that has been sitting and cleans lines and varnish gunk when gas sits for too long!

    Good Luck!

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