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    I subbed an FX SHO!!

    I could not help myself. Had to wait half an hour for locks to open up on Ohio River, so I went barge chasing and got behind a really deep wake and did some jumps before I nosed it into a breaker, leaned over the front, and gunned it. Completely submerged me and the FXSHO. Shot out the other side and I felt like I was under 1-2 seconds the engine didn't stall and I came out the other end still running.

    At the end of the day, I had water in back storage bucket, stuff in glove box soaked, but NOTHING in the hull and Ohio River water is very dirty especially when churned up by a barge. We don't get ocean swells like the guys on the ocean so we have to improvise and get behind really big boats and barge wakes.

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    Sweet!! how big of a wake would you say it was? How deep of water?

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    Kick ass......just as long as u don't get any of that water down your

    Sounds like fun!`

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    I've subbed our FX-HO in wake from a 26ft boat

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    its fun when ur pulling seaweed and baby man-o-war out of ur cupholder....

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    Not too much fun if you lose your eye wear in the process like I did.

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    I've been under a couple of times. The hull has a bilge pump that is always on so it would have pushed anything out. It is hard on the eyes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ultraman250 View Post
    Not too much fun if you lose your eye wear in the process like I did.
    Ditto!!! Been there too...

    You can sub it also by trim nose down, lean fwd and do tight circle...whole ski can sub!! Of course, everything get wet...

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    I took mine out in Bass Strait (oz) last week for a couple of days. There are massive waves out there and at one stage the whole ski was under from a wave that just went over from the side. 1 sec I was on top next it was on top. No drama though. The handle bars were about 4 inches under and it started to go over to the right as it came up but then just righted itself (fear of white pointers helped here) and away we went.
    There is no doubt that the SHo does submarine. Especially if you've come from riding an FXHO as I did (130+hrs).
    I believe I have mine under controll now. Its taken many hrs and many sub smashes in the head. I've come to terms that the Ski needs to be "ridden" and the trim adjusted according to the conditions at all times. Its a shame I need to drop to 4000rpm to do that? The FXHO had conditioned me to just sit there and cruise along in whatever.
    I'm keen to get an FZR now .

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