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    Wanted: GP1300R Mods and Prop

    I have a stock 04 GP1300R that I am trying to modify with all the main bolt-ons. I need a prop, d-plate, ride plate, intake grate, trim tabs, free flow tube, ignition, jetworks hole shot kit, Tunnel reinforcement, steering and exit, nozzels, Oil block off plate, ADI Soft Black Locking grips, Pump stuffer kit, ross nemo's throttle bodies, reed Kit, d plate, air filter, hydro turf with white writing, and anything else that makes it go faster besides a lighter rider. If anyone has any parts they want to sell please let me know. My number is 772 215 7120, just give me a call or you can PM me.

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    I have

    intake grate
    trim tabs
    steering nozzle
    exit nozzle
    pump stuffer kit
    air filter

    and a few other go fast parts you might try

    the free flow actually slows you down so you may want to skip that one

    I'll try calling tonight

    [email protected]

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    Still looking for anything and everything.
    Bump to the top.
    Thanks Guys

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    msg wfo for a dplate, he has them.

    msg ross for his sonic boom mod

    search the classifieds for the rest, remember the search button is your best friend around here.

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    i have a couple of rideplates- check out my post in the classifieds.

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