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    Looking at 96 SL780

    I'm looking at a used 96 SL780 for sale. The seller says everything is great on the ski - and it looks pretty good sitting on the trailer in his backyard. The hourmeter seemed to show about 135 hours. I downloaded the service manual and there were several maintenance items to perform at 100 hours and I always assume maintenance wasn't done.

    The seller talked about not using the ski much (at all?) this season. He seems willing to take it to the lake for a test which sounds good. Anything to look for other than the obvious? Is there a chance that if the ski has been sitting for months that taking it out could trash the motor?

    Also, he said he pre-mixes the oil/gas instead of using a seperate oil tank. Is this good or bad?

    Just looking for some guidance from those that have gone before. . .


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    Welcome to the Hulk!

    You found the service manual - good start!

    This post should provide some basic PWC evaluation info.

    If the gasoline is degraded from sitting too long, or if the carbs are gummed up from sitting, then running it in the water at anything over about 30% power risks engine damage from inadequate fuel delivery. The engine can seem to be running well and producing good power, but if it is running lean, it can burn a othrough a piston in minutes.

    Sometimes the MFD hour counter can get accidentally reset, so the 135 hours could be accurate, or it could be low.

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    Welcome to the Hulk Minicup.

    Take it for a test ride. Look to see how many RPM it turns. Should be around 6300 RPM.

    Best thing to do is a compression test. Looking for 120 psi or thereabouts on all 3 cyls.

    Most important thing about a sitting ski is if it WASN'T fogged before storing. Fogging oil is a spray that protects the steel crank and cyls. from rusting.

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