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    PAINTBALL - anyone into it??

    well the kids are getting me into paintball now. another expensive hobbie

    I don't know much about it yet, we got 7 guns now, most from ebay and a bunch of tanks. and our own "fill station" setup.

    heres what we picked up
    Mine and the wifes + spares
    JT quadro electric trig
    Raven Nexion electric trig

    Kid's mikey - jacob - ian's
    spyder mr1
    icon x

    the kiddo's have gone many times with there freinds but sunday was the first time for me and the wife to go with them.

    I only got two things to say about paintball..
    1) We had a blast - where going to try to go at least twice a month as a family.
    2) IT HURTS- i got welts and bruises everywhere.

    Dam kids "lit daddy up like a christmas tree"
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    Yep me and my son go we have spyder piliots with halo hopper there the best no paint ball s jam when coming out.Very nice guns.Yes those will leave marks

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    I got my little brother an Angel1 last christmas... He is a US Marine.. They play every weekend.. I spent $1800 on this thing... It shoots "ropes"!!!!!!!

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    We did a birthday party for my son one year at a paintball park! It was a blast!! however we were using the rented equipment but all around the place were folks that took it super seriously , camo high tech guns ETC lucky for us the park had a private party only section

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    I played College Tournament Paintball a couple years back. That was tons of fun! And yes, they hurt especially when you get hit with one, you know there are 10 behind it! At that time we were shooting 18-20 balls per second without jamming our hoppers. We all had DM4's and DM5's with Halo B hoppers, carbon fiber tanks, and we went thought at least a couple thousand paintballs per person for every tournament.

    I have been out of the sport for a while now. Its an expensive hobby and the equipment outdates itself faster than all the toys on this site!

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    I play. ALOT. Played and reffed many tourney's, for a number of years. We do a lot of traveling, Chicago, Florida, Hawaii, Mexico, Oregon, Oklahoma, just to name a few. Heading to Vegas in December to play in a big 24 Hour Game. Got a buddy a couple buddies in Texas that play as well. Anything you want to know, anything you want to question, and anytime you want to go play, PM, call me, or email me direct at [email protected]. Check out and click on the forums and photo pages for a little insight . . .

    ...and you thought jet skiis were addicting !

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    I love playing paintball,been playing about three years now.
    I currently play on a scenario team called seek and destroy.
    For those of you who know about scenario based playing,know
    that it's fun as you know what.We travel everywhere on the east
    coast playing at different locations.Our team is sponsored by
    planet eclipse,which make the etek and ego.It can get very expensive
    though....and when you get hit close,it does leave a nice mark.
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    paintball is probably one of the funnest and one the most expensive hobbies ever, i swear after i got my new gun, gear, hopper and tank my dad was tearing...

    i used to play everyweek including scenario and speedball
    i got a smart parts ion with a viewloader evo 3
    the gun also has the dye ultralight barrel system
    virtue board
    a crossfire 68/4500

    im used to getting shot from close up, but the first time you evern get bunkered, you cant even use your head when u get shot, you jus start running in circles hopping in pain

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    we used to play alot my brother had numerous angels including the angel 1 and a 06 dark ego i have a etek its extremely fun to play we have a huge field that some pros play at not to far far us

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    I used to play. Still have my gun in case a pickup game ever gets going. Not worth enough to sell it. It just got too damn expensive for me, and everyone else. Shit ton of fun though. I miss it a lot. I have this thing in the garage now called an RXPig, and it's always in my back pocket searching for cash. No money for paintball.

    **Edit: gun is a Tippmann 98 Custom with a 14" Smartparts All-American barrel for the only mod. Suits my needs, no one ever bought anything better to force me to keep up. Thing is built like a tank though. Can't bust it.

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