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Thread: sts 750 problem

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    sts 750 problem

    I have a 96 sts with the 750 in it. It will run fine for 30 or 40 minutes and then it loses power. it will run up 3500 rpms then it cuts out and will shake violently. If I let it set and cool for awhile it will run fine again. Sometimes if I kill it and restart, it will run fine until the throttle is cut. To me it seems to be electricial but I've been known to be wrong before.
    I have done several things to it already,

    1. new plugs
    2. trimmed plug wires
    3. new coil
    4. new cdi
    5. tested water temp sensor

    My next thing to do is rebuild carbs but I am wondering if that could be it.It just doesn't act like a gas problem. Unless its something like a vaporlock deal, because of the whole temperture thing.
    Anyone have even a guess for me?

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    I would get your stator checked, I have had snowmobiles act like that when the stator gets heat built up in them, the new larger ski run water through the plates (bases to the stator) to help cool the stators.

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    Perhaps a problem with fuel tank venting?

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