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    $17 spark plugs?

    Sorry my first returning post is a rant, but....c'mon!

    Im not new to PWC's - I've had a couple of Blaster 1's, a 98' GP800 (power valve motor built from the crank up - thanks Primetime) and a 01' Kawi STX900....

    I sold all of the skis due to a divorce (and other reasons), but recently came across a 02' F12X for a price I couldnt resist. I always wanted a Honda

    It didnt run when I bought it, but after doing the normal troubleshootin', I replaced the main relay assy, the starter relay assy, the battery and the throttle cable and vrooom!

    Now I of course want to change the oil / filter / plugs before I take it out.....but $17 a pc for the NGK IMR9D plugs??? PDFT!!!
    Anyone know of anywhere that carries these beside the ONE Honda Aquatrax Parts dealer thats 50 miles away?
    I called Autozone and Discount luck.

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    Is this the spark plug you need?

    NGK Laser Iridium Long Life 6544 IMR9D-9H $12.30 each

    I have purchased NGK from with no problems, the plugs arrived as expected.

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    You've gotta use the NGK stock code 6544 or apparently they cant "find" them.....

    $9.95 each. Muuch better.

    Not in stock, but will have them overnight a.m.

    Thanks for the input!

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