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    Yamaha Skis wont sit flat on trailer

    Hi, I'm wondering if anyone is having this trouble with Yamaha Skis.

    I have a double trailer for my FXHO & SHO. Both skis are always leaning one way or the other as the chines are pushing them over when they are on the skids.
    We are limited to a 2500mm (2.5m) span here in Australia and to stop the Skis touching in the middle isnt easy.
    If anyone has 2 big yammys on a side by side trailer that sit flat on skids please let me know the following;
    1. The skid width. I am using skids about 5 inches wide to help cushion the skis.
    2. the minimum distance between the skids. I am trying to get mine to fit at around 2 foot.

    Any help would be much appreciated as I just cant get them to sit flat no matter what mods we make.

    btw seadoos have no probs with these wide skids. Maybe I should use narrower skids? & no i wont be getting seadoos at this stage

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    If the bunk boards (skids) are too wide to fit on the flats between the chines or strakes, then narrower bunk boards might be a better choice.

    If each Yamaha is 48.4" wide (spec'ed), then the pair is 96.8" wide. That only allows for 1.6" clearance between the two.

    To help with fitting two wide PWC on a 98.4 inch wide double trailer (3.6 inches narrower than the 102 inches that US/Canada allows), consider raising the bunk boards for one PWC (and/or lowering the other), so one hull sits higher than the other. This may give you some more room between them.

    Perhaps you can position the bunks so each ski purposely tilts away from the other, allowing more gap space between the two hulls.

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    Thanks K447, I'll give that a try. However the problem is we still dont seem to be able to position the skids so that they dont hit the chines and tilt.
    I think this is because the skids are just too wide.

    If anyone has an FX sitting on skids without leaning please let me know;

    a) the distance between the skids (shortest point) &

    b) how wide the skids are.

    Once I have these measurements I can work on a tilt.

    Any help here is much appreciated. Its becoming a really frustrating issue as I just cant get them to sit flat. I think the skids are just too wide.

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    Hi everyone, still really needing some help on this one.
    I'll rephrase it a differt way.

    If anyone has an FX sitting on skids, that sits flat without hitting the chines, please let me know the following;

    1. the distance between the closest points of the skids.

    2. The width of the skids.

    from this I hope to get this sorted.

    Thanks anyone in advance :0).

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    I too had a time getting my GPR and XLT to fit perfectly, and not rock/tilt. I ended up having some custom bunks made, 3.5 " wide by a full 2" thick for added strength. I then had the shop cut a 45 degree bevel on one side of each top side of the bunk, a bevel 1" high and 1" wide. This made the top mounting bunk width 2.5 inches wide, which could then be fit between the chines. The extra thickness more than made up for the loss of strength from the bevel. There just is not enough room between chines for the common 2x4 (1.5" x 3.5") My GPR actually wore some off of the two chines before I changed to the above.

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    Thanks for the reply LT1GMC, Thats given me some great ideas!



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