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    Alternative Oil filters for the 1,812

    I saw the post about dealers selling the wrong oil filter and sure enough, mine tried. I did some research and found the filter has a 3/4" opening with a 16 threads per inch pattern and a 12 psi blow-by valve (in case the filter gets too plugged. The following filters have the same thread patern and 8 psi blow-by valves:

    Purolator PL10241 / PL25230
    Mobil1 M1-102
    Bosch 3330

    I'm using a Bosch 3330 and it works great. It's a shade larger.

    You can cross-reference those to your favorite brand as there are many others that match.

    Tom F

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    So I guess with an 8lb blow- by that means if they clog they will blow-by earlier.
    Guess the trick would be to change them often-----but how often? 50 hours? Or sooner?

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    what im wondering is how the 3/4 x 16tpi is being screwed onto the
    20mm x 1.5 properly ?

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