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Thread: SLT 780 Bogging

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    SLT 780 Bogging

    Hey there - apologies for the was unintentional...moving this to it's own post

    Hey guys -

    I've been following some threads on the 780 bogging and I've had a problem for the past several seasons that hasn't been much of a problem for my buddy plrs x45 or myself, but if either of our wives drive the boat they are up in arms that it needs to be fixed!! So I figured I would stop lurking on here and get posting!!

    So here's the deal - it bogs down a bit and if you feather the throttle it clears up and is fine. If you idle for a while (like in a no-wake zone) it'll bog down and you can feather it a bit up to full throttle and then it's fine for a while.

    I have noticed that if I choke it until it dies (or just short of that) I can take off and it will fun better. This is the part I've seen mentioned more recently and is starting to worry me... I've seen replies that "if the choke improves then rebuild carbs/replace fuel lines" or else you may hole a piston...and that's the last thing I want to do.

    Any help would be appreciated!!

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    Doug, I'd definitely go through the carbs and up-date the fuel lines due to age alone.
    The lines kink over due to gravity and of course the carbs get filled with crap from todays fuels, crappy station up-keep with their tanks etc.
    If pulling the choke helps you out, you know you're running careful.

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