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Thread: SLT 700 Partout

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    SLT 700 Partout

    1996 SLT 700 part out.

    I will sell the hull and all the parts (except engine(it is seized and trashed) and the trailer) for $900 canadian obo.

    Buyer must pick up. trailer is not registered.
    if no one wants whole thing parts will be delivered via.UPS. Buyer pays for shipping.

    I will get as many pics as i can.

    I will make a price list and try and post it today if not tomorrow.

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    Rear air outlet

    Air filter

    Front air vent

    Battery box
    $5 SOLD

    Bilge pump assembly



    Red cylinder covers


    Fuel water separator

    Electrical box

    Motor brackets


    “J” Muffler

    Exhaust hose

    Gas tank

    Oil tank

    Fuel filler hose

    $15 SOLD



    Hull includes.
    Engine Mounts x4, Pump assembly, Intake grate, Ride plate, Propeller, Shaft, shaft grease fitting, Rubber Shaft coupler, Steering/handle bars/cable etc, Reverse selector, Hood, Seat, Front storage comp, Tow hook (front and back), Bumpers, Choke knob, and Kill switch.
    Electrical box includes.
    Fuel sender, and Oil level gauge, Start button.

    Any questions about parts not listed please pm me.
    I have pics of most parts pm me if you want to see them.

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    Still go t the e box ?

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    Hi Digg, was wondering if the stator assy is good and if you know if its orignal or updated version. If its a newer version and known to be working, how much? Thanks Robert

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