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    Post installing the rideplate

    I am installing an r&d rideplate and I didnt get any instructions because I bought it from someone on here. and I cant seem to get the screw holes to line up. am I supposed to use the stock bolts? also there is a fill piece of rubber at the front of the plate. Is that supposed to stay as well.


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    was a pain in the ass to put the plate on as the speed-sensor locations have changed and there is NO play in the cable to make little adjustments......sensor has to be put on exactly right and then the plate put up......

    Also, OEM washers were too big for the R&D plate...had to use smaller stainless washers to bolt the plate [email protected]#$#^%&$#^....yeah i wasnt happy.....worked out looks good

    Rene had to use a rubber hammer and block of wood to get the last bolt to line up...takes a little finesse....just dont ding/bend the plate.....good luck

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    i opened up the whole alittle on a slant, problem solved

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    I think smaller washers will do the trick for me...just making sure there wasn't another step I was leaving out...

    thanks rip, squid...

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    We had to slot the holes on the plate, bit of a pain.

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    got my plate in...went in fine I just had to get all of the bolts started first then tighten them down...

    thanks for the help guys...

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