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    Cold start 03 Ultra 150??

    What is the correct procedure to cold-start the Ultra 150? I don't have manual to consult. What I always do is having the choke open, press the throttle, and push the start button. After 2-3 tries, it will crank but stop right a way, then the very next time I push the start button while pressing the throttle, it will start. Once it starts, I will have no problem to restart it again by just pushing the start button

    I guess this is a silly question, but the answer will help me to have confidence that my jet ski will start. For now I just hope that it will start somehow.


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    When I still had a choke I started out with it closed, once it stated to fire crack the throttle 1/4 open. You may want to think about installing a primer. That makes starting much quicker. I run a/m carbs so I have no choke now. A few pumps on the primer and it fires rite up.

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    Primers are the way to go! Your engine will start instantly, saving wear & tear on your starter and battery.

    HOWEVER, if you do this, do NOT remove the chokes on the stock carburetors (which is the normal way to do it). To do so would affect fuel metering and result in a lean condition, which would result in engine damage.

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