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    2000 seadoo rx rebuild??????

    I am about to rebuild my seadoo rx engine. it locked up, i haven't ripped it apart yet but i figured i would do a full rebuild. i am looking for some performance parts and any tips anyone can give me. the performance parts i would like to get are as follows: aftermarket head, aftermarket exhaust,prop for low end, single carb(what carb would you recomend?) feel free to email me at [email protected] or just post on here.

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    1. pm waterworx and get a new hot rods crank cheap, pay him a few extra bucks for ture & welding it. i'm sure he would get you pistons and have your cylinder bored too.
    2. mill your stock head or buy a ada, miller, rossier or R&D head. I have a used r&d rec dome head i'd sell..... somewhere
    3. good luck finding a aftermarket exhaust, if you do you will pay bucks. i have a white pipe for sale; if interested.
    4. consider a rec port (300bucks) or just go ahead and big bore that cylinder since rec port and new pistons will cost as much as big bore ready to go.
    5. low end - i like the solas dynafly 13/19 some like skat which also kicks for low end.
    6. single carb?? you smoking crack?? ummm custom cast an intake manifold and buy a riva 50mm powerbomb. you would be better off with stock carbs or spend your meth money on a set of novi 46's.

    7. read ben's sticky post at top of this forum, best place to answer your questions.

    btw - clean / rebuild your entire fuel system. this includes tank. do not assemble with cheap gaskets like gasket technology, sbt or wsm's pack.

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