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    Just Wondering Why So Few People Are Posting Feedback O The C-kits From Les Cooke.the Numbers For This Charger Sure Look Impressive As Well As The Beautiful Anodized Wheels.i Have Only Used The Drop In Wheel And It Was Awsome In Terms Of Performance And Clutch Wear Since The Wheel Is So Light.

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    I dont think that many people have this SCer it is very expensive and i have read quite abit that says that there is not enough of a performance gain over the rude for example. Also i think that some experienced touch down issues with this charger. I have never had any expirience of it so this is just an opinion on what i have read on here. R88

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    Does Anyone Have Any Feedback On The New C-kits??the Boost Numbers Look Very Impressive As Well As The The Wheel Quality.are They Worth The Big Bucks They Cost???

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    Been running the new B-Kit for about a year now and have just upgraded to the new C-kit. Results so far show an increase over the B. Still working on the prop, but looking at high 84's maybe even an 85. Just depends on air and water temps.

    I'll keep ya posted!

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