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    1997 polaris sl 700 no start issue

    I forgot to mention that as it is cranking over it backfires through the exhaust and or carbs randomly

    Hey guys I have a 1997 polaris sl 700 I have spark and 130 psi compression (cold) the motor will not start even if I put gas into the cylinders manually I did drain the cyl to make sure it was not flooded and tried new plugs and nothing The motor was rebuilt recently and ran well for about a hour then it seemed to fowl a plug then after the new plugs were put in it never started since. I read somewhere that these engines can't be timed is this true and any ideas as to where to go from here

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    Well i had a similar problem that i fixed but then my engine seized cuz i didnt know a seal was bad and water got in. anyway check the battery voltage when pressing the start button, it should stay above 10.5v. if not replace the battery.
    and see from there.

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    I assume there is lots of voltage there as it spins over fast and there is no lag at all but I will test it and see what I come up with

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    I checked it tonight and I have lots of voltage Thanks

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    you said that you put new plugs in and then it never started again... do you have a spark??

    if not it mght be a stator issuse

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