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    Blaster running problem

    HI guys, just wanted to pick your brain:

    I have a 93 Blaster that hasn't given me a problem in 5 years. The last time I rode it it behaved like there was a blown cylinder. (hard to start, no power increase between 1/2 throttle and full throttle) The engine got loader but I didn't go any faster. I was told that it could also be a problem with the something coming loose in the exhaust but how do I check it?


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    Welcome to the forum. The blaster is a fun ski, and I hope to have one in my stable one day. Do a compression check first, to rule out anything major. The only way to find out if something is loose in the exhaust is to remove the pipe and shake it around. Do you have a service manual? I remember something about an internal gasket that gets loose and can cause problems.

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    thanks for the welcome! I didn't even notice that it was my first post. I usually post on PWC today but I saw a link to this site and wanted to check it out.
    I've been around for a while but the search feature answered many of my questions

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