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    2005 FX-160 HO Info

    I'm considering buying a "stock" pair of these but wanted to know about the "problems/issues" I should expect if I do buy them. Any input is greatly appreciated.

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    good ski's, no real issues that i have heard or seen posted...

    teh bigger issue here is how much?
    where did they come from, original owner, rental, repo, what source..
    how many hours,
    check for damage and cracks, engine, etc...
    why the being sold? and
    what is the history, mainteance, records of it or what,

    fresh or sea water, how stored, cleaned..

    all those factors is far more important to know...

    because teh ski in general is a good ski.. but if its not been taken care of, properly maintained, high hours or rental, that changes a lot of things in any ski you buy.

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    I bought an FX160 ho when they first came out and I was really disappointed in the performance of it. I think Yamaha was claiming 60 mph but the best I ever saw was 57 mph. It did earn its keep in the ocean, very dependable and very stable and felt great with two people on it and pulling a tube but its nowhere near the performance of an FXSHO.

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    Not the fastest, but they cruise real nice... and the gas consumption is great compared to some of the new skis...

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    Put the Riva rpm kit on it, makes it a real nice ski.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cigarlust View Post
    Not the fastest, but they cruise real nice... and the gas consumption is great compared to some of the new skis...
    Just wondering-how much better is the holeshot on the FXHO than the VX?

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