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    I have a chance to buy a 2005 RXP with a rusty seized motor..

    What is it worth? What should i pay for it in mint condition needing a motor? Thanks.

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    If the owner didn't take the care to keep a 2005 RXP in working condition, I can't even imagine the potential problems for the other components.

    If the only thing that is shot is the motor, there is potential. But it'll be expensive.

    I can't help with the price questions, but that's just my 2 cents.

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    I can do the work myself, just not sure what major things to look for. Any help would be appreciated. I am going to look at it tomorrow.

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    If the engine is rusted, the electronics and cabling may be shot too. I would try to verify that all the electronics work... Ron

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    I recently bought a 2006 RXP with a piston that leaned out. I paid 3500, it was for the most part a complete ski. It cost me 1600 to completely rebuild the motor. Hope this helps.

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    Maybe $2500, no higher. I am going to try to test the electronics.

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