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    Question RXP Nitrous Oxide

    Okay, so I have a 2007 Sea Doo RXP with the Stage 2+ Riva Racing kit.

    (Mod list here)

    I am seriously considering installing a NOS kit because for $800 or so I figure I will get a serious power boost. (rather than opting for more stage 3 parts)

    I was wondering if anyone knew any kits that are specially for Jet Skis. I found a few kits but I think they are for two-strokes.

    Does anyone know if a NOS kit will cause any negative effects, or if it is even worth the money. I have also heard that spraying Nitrous Oxide on the intercooler will change the density of the air via rapid cooling and cause a not as significant but still good boost.

    Also, if there is a good kit - do I need any other parts/reinforcements to ensure I won't blow up or anything?

    - Revlet

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    One word.... NO!

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    It's not for recreational ski's..If you want one or two hard pull top speed runs then want to put it back on the trailer..Nitrous is for you.. But if you want to ride all day and have a dependable ski ,Nitrous is not for you..
    One of the main downfalls is you have to put a tall impeller in to handle the power, so when not on the Nitrous you'll have a dog.

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    But if your still keen, a company called sells kits for the rxp. The kit has a ecu and adjustable reg for the nos..

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    def not like a car. the prop would be the killer - so when the n20 is out so is the fun...unless youve got a couple bottles on hand!

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    Your $800.00 would be better spent buying lottery tickets. If you set the prop for top speed--it will be an absolute dog in the lower speed ranges.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aussie rxp View Post
    But if your still keen, a company called sells kits for the rxp. The kit has a ecu and adjustable reg for the nos..
    First of all, its Second, they don't sell jet ski parts. Just Nitrous kits for the Rev-XP ski-doo.

    But either way it seems like the majority agrees it's a bad idea.

    My next questions is, what is the best way to get more power/speed now?

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    I have an 07 RXP which I have run on NOS, I have removed it as it's against IJSBA rules for closed course. If you can get enough fuel to the engine when on the gas it works well.

    I have larger injectors and ignition fitted.

    I have a throttle body bored out to 60mm with a fitting for the nozzle as well as the electric wiring for it. It's wired so when I'm at WOT I can arm the system and hit it using a switch.

    It's not on all the time like most systems only when you want it.

    It's for sale, PM me if your interested.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Revlet View Post
    My next questions is, what is the best way to get more power/speed now?
    There's at least one discussion about this going on at any given time. Just take some time to read the forums.

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