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Thread: sl700 wont idle

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    sl700 wont idle

    my ski wont idle when flushing it but when im out in water it will idle ok what could be my cause not sure if it needs to warm up first for it to odle in water going out in about 3 hours so will let u know if it does

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    Hard to understand what you are saying.

    Does it idle OK in the water, but not on the hose?

    Or does it not idle AT ALL, in or out of the water?

    Poor idle is often caused by carb problems (dirty, gummy inside), or incorrect carb settings. If the carbs are not working properly at idle, you may also have incorrect fuel mixture at speed, which can damage the engine from lean burn.

    Be careful whenever your machine is not running 100% - Take a tow rope, AND a buddy to tow you back, if need be.

    And know what cooling hose to clamp off, should you need the tow. Without the clamp, you will pump water inside the engine during the tow, creating another problem.

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