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    I have a 2001 Polaris Genesis i and considering parting it out for parts, but before disassembling want to see if there is any interest from persons needing parts. The story on the ski is that it was running before it sat for a few years and the engine seized. I removed the cylinders and found that one of the wrist pen needle bearing was rusted causing the engine not to turn. This ski is the four seater, three cylinder, 1200, and fuel injected version. Please e-mail me at [email protected]
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    You could review the experience of others who have parted out Genesis, such as Dirk Wiggler.

    If one bearing is rusty, then more are probably rusty. Having said that, it is not that big a deal to get the engine rebuilt.

    There are no other 4 person capable PWC that are as nimble as the Genesis, the others are even bigger and heavier. 1200 engine 'short blocks', or even entire engines, do come up for sale.

    Getting your crank shaft rebuilt might cost $400-$600, and SBT will sell you an entire rebuilt engine for circa $1,000. SBT doesn't have a great reputation here, but it is an option.

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    might need a stator and flywheel

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