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Thread: fuel diagram

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    fuel diagram

    Does anyone have a fuel hose diagram for a 99 polaris sltH 700. Other than the owners manual that I have (dont think its right) So I need something different. Can someone please help

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    Thanks, but its the same one that I have and the problem is the hose that goes to he carb on the left if you are looking at the pic. it has two places to connect a hose one on the fuel pump body and the other is on the side. thats what im having problems with. And that hose should be the main hose that brings fuel to the carbs correct me if im wrong

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    i dunno if this will help but this is an old link i had for my sl750 it has diagrams aswell

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    the hose on the left gives fuel to the carb on the left. if i am right there should be a hose that goes under the cylinder that one connects to the other hose inlet on the carb. this is on a different model but it might work.

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