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    Just bought a 2001 Polaris SLX 1200cc. Not running well any fixes?

    I just bought a 2001 Polaris SLX 1200cc that seems to choke itself off half throttle. The ski starts great, idles smooth, and revs good. When it is in the water I can only throttle it half way or it seems to choke itself off and wants to die and has no power. Checked the fuel filter and added new gas. What else can I do?

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    First thing you need to do is check compression.

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    If you pull the choke, does it run better?
    If so, you're probably running too lean and should go through the carbs and replace the fuel lines.
    Test with short bursts or you may burn it down if lean.

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    There's a gray fuel line on those carbs I believe that creates a "goo" inside them. This may cause fuel related issues. I'd check into that.

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    i think we should change the name of the general disc. to my polaris isnt running right or at all ,

    our performance section is being clutered up with mine wont rev or start , haha

    but we love need people , pictures and videos are the key to helping you best ,

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    Here's The Low Down

    I got a check list from the past owner. He had a professional polaris dealer give it a run through before I bought it.

    Check Hull: ok
    Charge Battery: Good
    Load Test Battery: Good
    Check Charging System Output: 13.9 Good
    Check Throttle Response: Good
    Check Compression: 150 lbs for all 3 cyl.

    I have begun to replace all the fuel lines and yes some of them have been gooy. Any other thoughts?

    Is there a way to hook up a garden hose to the ski to run it without launching it into water?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crash_6565 View Post
    ...Is there a way to hook up a garden hose to the ski to run it without launching it into water?
    Yes, there are a couple of ways to connect a garden hose. Some use the Polaris reverse flush kit, which connects to the water manifold bar located across the top of the engine.

    The other (and preferable) method is to connect a garden hose barb fitting to the normal cooling water intake hose. That 3/4" hose is normally connected to the lower RIGHT side of the jet pump base, on the inside the hull. When standing on top of the ski, looking forward and down into the engine compartment, it will be to the right of the jet pump tunnel. That hose does NOT connect to the water bar near the top of the engine. Unclamp it from the jet pump base, and connect your garden hose to the cooling hose.

    If you have the jet pump installed, you must grease the through-hull bearing, and NOT run the engine for more than two minutes at a time. Normally, the drive shaft water seals are cooled by the water flowing through the jet pump, and this cooling is not present when running it on land.

    If you remove the jet pup and drive shaft, then you can run the engine on the hose for as long as you want, but there is rarely any need for running it more than a minute or so on the hose.

    When ever you run on the hose, the sequence must be;
    Engine start, THEN water on.
    Water OFF, then engine off.

    This ensures that water does not back flow into the engine via the exhaust system.

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    Any good websites for OEM Parts or Performance Upgrade Parts?

    How far do parts overlap between models and years with a 2001 Polaris 1200 SLX

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    is the accel pump for the carbs working???

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    is the accel pump for the carbs working???

    How would I check this? Is the accel pump basicly the fuel pump in the fuel tank?

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