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    Question Cooling system 2001 XP Carbs

    Could somebody please explain the cooling system on the above.

    Where is the cooling water drawn from when in the water and what forces it round the system in the absense of a pump - is it by vacuum??

    When riding the ski it suddenly 'drew up' and cut out (not under wot) started again okay but did'nt feel right. I took it out of water.

    I have had a visual inspection and found the remnants of a plastic bag caught up in the grate, nothing else, nothing round the impeller.

    When on the trailer with hose attached cooling water is flowing, coming out of telltale and out the pump/exhaust.

    When ski is in the water, no cooling is coming through the telltale.

    I am worried that it was starting to seize, although as I said, all appears to be okay when on the trailer?? There were no overheat warning beeps!

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    When the engine overheats it starts to seize up, like it just wants to shut off, but you can add more gas to keep it running. It's good you let it die though. The over heat sensor rarely works before the engine siezes, so now you know what one feels like when it gets too hot.

    The pump has three holes in the top and water is forced into a hose that connects under your pipe. Take this hose loose and blow air through it, as the bag probably got chopped up and created a blockage in the hose/pump somewhere.

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