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    leftover 3 seater turbo

    I have a 2000 xlt1200 Yamaha it barely gets to 60mph but that's fast enough, I like the ski because it handles the rough water very well plus it turns very good through the marsh land ditches, there are alot of left over hondas at a very good price, do you think the honda 3 seater turbo would handle as good as the yamaha xlt

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    I've ridden a Honda before and I personally don't think it will handle as well as the XLT platform. As for engine reliaility, the Honda is very good. There are several owners of the turbo Honda's that have hundreds of hours on their machine with no problems. I have a friend that put 300 hours on his Turbo Honda without a single problem.
    The XLT motor [66V] can be made to be more reliable. There are some things you can do to increase longevity.

    • Go premix. The oil injection lines will get brittle and can also slip off the injection nipple. This can cause a lubrication starvation scenario and engine damage will occur.
    • Remove the Cat-Con [catalytic convertor] This part will eventually get brittle from the heating and cooling effect and break up end up in your exhaust. Poor performance will result and possible engine damage. Removing it will also remove lots of heat from the engine compartment. Installation of a D-plate is the remedy.
    • Remove the driveshaft hose and replace it with a heavier duty "Gates" brand radiator type hose. 1-1/2 x 6" long. The OM hose can rupture and you will sink your ski.
    • WaveEater clips. this will prevent the powervalve from dropping too low and cause piston damage. Jut do a search on WaveEater clips.
    • Seal the pump shoe. This will help eliminate bubbles trapped inthe cavities of the pump shoe and eliminate cavitation.

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    the problem is there's not many flat calm days, and yesterday we were blasting though 1-2 ft chop with the XLT, and I know if I get something that wouldn't handle like the XLT I wouldn't be happy, for me were I ride handling is more important than speed, I'M just going try to make my XLT more reliable and better

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