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    Will other IC's fit my Riva IC Mount and Pipes?

    I have a leaking Riva IC which I have to replace. Will any of the other IC's fit on the Riva bracket? I'm leaning towards getting the Piranha since it is anodized, which I hope is more resistant to corrosion. The gen-2 Riva IC is also another good option since I've read it's the stock X IC which I'm sure SD has tested for salt water.

    How about the piping? I was thinking of just getting the IC to save a bit of money since the IC is all I really need.

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    i think i just saw a x intercooler on ebay the other day..
    check there first..

    im sure a pression or XS intercooler could fit with a slight alteration.

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    I replaced my leaking Riva IC with an XS cooler thet JR fizzle sells in the online store. My bracket, and plumbing worked from the riva kit, except needed 2 new couplers on the IC end reduced to fit the plumbing tubes.

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    Yes I have the xs using riva bracket. The xs outlets have a full 3" opening
    and the riva tubes are 2 1/2 or 2 3/4 not sure.

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    Good to know

    But, how old are our Riva IC before they start leaking?

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    Thanks for the info guys!! Big help.

    My IC was 2 years old when it leaked. Used it for 6 months, then stored the ski, then used it again, then it caused a broken valve!

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    John, the broken valve was probably due to rust buildup on the valve stem. This is a common problem with skis that have been sitting up for some time.

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    Yup, the valve broke due to the rust build up, which was analized to be caused by the salt water flooding the engine. This happened the first time I ran the ski after flushing all of the salt water out of the oil.

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