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    Anyone going to be out tues 10/14??

    I decided to take Tuesday off because this week looks like the last week of the HIGH 70 degree weather. If anyone wants to ride let me know. I may go down to the mullica. I am open to places to go! I don't really have cold weather gear so i was gonna try to keep in some calmer water, but i could tough it out for probably the last ride of the year...

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    I don't know 100% yet (will know for sure tonight around 9pm), but if nothing changes in my calendar for work I was going to ride out of Crowley's. Maybe around 11-12ish..... I was going to ride out to Chestnut neck...maybe further... maybe not..

    Won't know for sure until later this evening though...

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    you people and your flexible work schedules

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    Quote Originally Posted by Region8Ultra250X View Post
    you people and your flexible work schedules

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