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    Testing Turbo Kit, Going lean but...

    Here is the situation:

    I went to test again my turbo kit and it seem to be working fine.
    First I tried it at 10psi and a/r was 10.0 rich.

    RRPR set at 60psi

    I then went ahead and raised the boost to 17psi and the A/R went to 13.5-13.8 and made a weird sound (Maybe Pinging) and the engine started to make a low clack noise. After a minute it went away. Maybe computer retarding timing, who knows.Did a compression test and it was at 140 across. Good.

    Did a couple of more passes and the max boost I can run is 14-15 psi and A/R at 11.8-12.0

    Like this I managed to pull a 81.5 at 7950.

    Here is where it get interesting..
    Apparently the engine was running very hot becuz the coolant came out of the reservouir when I shut down the engine.

    After checking the hoses and everything, I found that the Intercooler hose (Hose from the pump was kinked) So no water was going to the exhaust. Maybe that is the reason why the coolant came out. So basically I was running without an intercooler=less power.

    Another thing. I checked the RRPR based psi while the engine was running and it read 57psi. That was setting it at 60psi only with the key and engine not running. I brought the base PSI at 61psi with engine running and that is how I can run 15psi and 11.8-12 a/r.

    It get interestin now, I took the ski out of the water and I cheked the base preasure with only the key and it reads 68psi-engine running 62psi.
    Is this normal to have this much fluctuation?
    Any help is appreciated.

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    Also will the a/r go lean if the intercooler is not working. In my case no water or little water was flowing through it.

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    when u first light your motor its under vacum and pulls the gauge down! just like your boost gauge friend! BET!

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    testing turbo

    what injectors do you have in the process of doing kit right now looking @ what problems im going to come across ive got 50lb with riva ecu thanks

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    I have the 50#s with Riva ECU. Now I do not know if the fact that my intercooler hose was blocked, if that will increase A/R. Or fuel pump damaged. I really want to crank up the boost to 21-22psi.

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    If you had low or no water flow through the intercooler you would have a hotter and less dense intake charge. A less dense intake charge with the same amount of fuel delivery would read richer on the a/f meter.
    High boost with a hot intake charge could cause detonation.


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