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    Antique and Vintage Stereos

    well, I aquired my dads old stereo. Its 40+ years old and still in great shape. My dad bought this when he was in the Air Force and stationed in Okinawa before I was born.
    I took it home prior to us having the estate sale last weekend.

    Here are the specs: Its a

    JVC NIVICO 4TR-990 Deluxe
    • Wood cabinet and stand
    • Reel-to-reel
    • Phonograph stylus
    • Solid State FM/MW/SW..yes! MW = [AM] & SW = [short wave] stereo

    It had lots of dust all over it and inside of it. So I vacummed as much as I could. It would not work, so I found the "original" schematic inside the cabinet still in perfect shape ! I located a few important components on the very simplistic spartan looking circuit board and found two fuses. Well, one was blown. I replaced both and Voila' ! She fired up. It sounds great. It even has ECHO ??! has Bass/treble/Echo. lol. The ECHO sounds awesome.

    so, Just thought I'd share my heirloom with you all. My wife and I are pretty excited to see this thing working. We love antiques. We have an old early 1900's singer Sweing Machine, a 1950's Lane Cedar chest and a few other items and now this old skool stereo to add to it.

    It brings back good memories to hear it playing again. I use to remember my dad laying on the couch when I was little and he would play all his gospel reel-to-reels on it. Brings back really nice memories since its been over a year since he has passed. So, if any of you have some really old furniture, heirlooms ect....hang on it them. the value is priceless especially if its been in the family a long time. and eventually your kids will end up with it and the story goes on...............

    oh, btw, this thing still has the papercone speakers in perfect shape !!!

    for those who don't know. JVC stand for Japan Victor Corporation.

    so, if you all have an antique radio or stereo, post it up. I'm curious to hear the history behind it also

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    that is too cool Billie. Immaculate too!

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    wow !

    we have a very similar unit which my grandparents bought in the 60's I think. It's a sharnberg strausse (prob spelt wrong there)

    could never get rid of it.

    looks exactly the same as that one.

    cool nostalgia

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    Nice to see another 4TR990 still playing. My dad brought one used in 1972 for $300 in Subic Bay RP. Wonder how much it was new in 1970 or so. We're both impressed by how good an almost 40 year Nivico still sounds. The Echo as you said sounds great. It just needs periodic upkeep especially the belts and idler wheels in the tape deck and record player. They are hard and stiff and don't grip the pulleys without rosin or belt nonslip. The only things not working are AM and Shortwave, probably a bad transistor in the front end. I copy CDs onto tapes and the other way around, I occasionally get blank 7" reels off ebay. The stylus for the record player is still widely available, back in the day Radio Shack and mom&pop electronics stores had it. Must have been a million Nivico 4TR990s sold. Take care of yours, it is hard to find not like a Magnavox Astrosonic or Grundig Majestic. Take care.

    John Ferguson

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    Welcome to the forum John !

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