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    99 ultra 150

    Had a few questions.........1. What type of oil do i need to use? I premix with Pennzoil from walmart on my waveraider and was wondering if i could use that....?

    2. What type of oil lines last the longest. I noticed the oil lines on mine are i need to use clear?

    3. Who does the pump bearing upgrade? The ski has 124 hrs and not sure if the bearings have ever been replaced. It was bought from a dealership so maybe they did. When i took it out last time i noticed a slight whine sound but it just sounded like how the engine sounds. Also how much for the new bearing replacements?

    4. Other then the simple stuff, what other items do i need to check or replace with this many hours?

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    Great 'Ski! Even better if you re-work the trim.

    You need a TC-W3 oil, but I'd recommend that you use a good oil, not the cheapo stuff. The lube system on the Ultra is different than other engines. It has two lines that go to the counterbalance shaft bearings. Pre-mix is not an option, without major headaches for the average rider. You are wise to ask about the oil lines, as they do give trouble. I use urethane hose. If you replace them, do one at a time so you don't mix them up. The outputs for each nozzle are different.

    It might be a good idea to go through the pump. Steve at Skiworx does a good job with them.

    Other things to consider for a stock boat include the Triple Pisser Mod and a Coolant Water Strainer. A number of people have added a Primer, BUT, do NOT remove the chokes! They are required to create lower pressure in the carb for proper metering.

    BLTdigger can give you a lot more info on performance mods, but I think the above are necessary for any Ultra.

    Oh, yea, one more thing: The seal on the back of my multifunction display doesn't seal well anymore, and it allowed water to get in when the 'Ski flipped over. NOT GOOD! I would suggest that you remove the display and pull the rubber seal out and put some 3M 5200 around it, then put it back in. Seal around the wires, too! Those displays are expensive!

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