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    How many hours to expect?

    I've got a 98 GP800, 203 hours. Converted it to premix and put in wave eater clips on the powervalves. From reading on here those two things seem to be the biggest causes of engine failure. How many hours does you ski have on it (if it's more than 200) I' trying to get a feel as to how much longer this thing will last.

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    thats really a hard thing to narrow down. There are alot of variables that go into how long a two stroke will last. Like how hard you run the ski, how well it has been keeping the carbs tuned and plugs, if its ran in salt water...stuff like that. I know non-pv motors can last into the 400hr mark. My waveraider 1100 had 240 hrs before the rebuilt engine went in. But that was oil pump faliure. I have had several skis that where in the mid 100 hrs that had compression like new. As long your compression is good and other little stuff like fuel lines, pv's, reeds, carbs all get maintained then it should be good for at least 300 hrs....but as you research more you will realize that most engine failures are due to something clogged lines, oil and fuel line faliure, carbs out of adjustment, lean mixtures....

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    wave eater clips on a gp800/gp800r requires the exhaust manifold to be removed,keep this in mind when ordering parts as you will require gaskets

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    Yeah I found out the pipe had to come off which wasn't real easy with engine in the hull. I cheated on the gasket though, it popped apart pretty clean so I just reused it, seems to run fine and not leak (at least externally).

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    PV motors biggest problem is build up that causes the pins to sieze and crack out. I de-carbonize my motor twice a year, at mid season and before storing at winter. Its not a PV motor. 1100 raider thats 13 years old and still screams like it did brand new. I don't trust owning a PV motor but for those who do, de=carbonize religiously. You will be rewarded in the long run IMO. And get rid of oil pump!!!!

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