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    Xl1200 Ltd 1999

    OK Guys, i have excessive play in the steering shaft so i thought pull it down and replace the worn parts, simple. (That's what i thought)

    I have a service manual downloaded from this site which was not very helpful, i have ended up pulling it down and found that the shaft is inside a plastic housing which i cannot remove it from. I have undone every bolt / nut i can see and the thing does not want to come apart.

    Anyone got any ideas or is it a case of replace the hole thing ??

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    On the bottom there is a joint with 2 small bolts 8 mm loosen them and slide the aluminum part out the bottom and then you will be able to slide the plastic shaft out.

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    Thanks for that i have already removed those two bolts and it still won't move. Does the bottom of the steering shaft where you bolt the bracket to the steering cable also need to be removed (Unscrewed from the shaft), this is not the bracket but where the bracket bolt screws into.

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