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    Hi Temp Going off

    I have a 2003 4tec limited supercharged. I am getting the hi temp sensor going off at 6k rpm does not do it below that. But there and above it is shutting me down does anyone have any suggestions?


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    Are you loosing any antifreeze? Do you ride in areas that have sea grass? I would start by cleaning the small screen which is located in the 90 degree fitting on the top of the pump. This filters cooling water for the exhaust system... Ron

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    Did this just start to happen??? or did you make some modifications to your craft and then it started to happen??

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    yes i have coolant first thing i checked. I i check no blockage anywhere visible. This just started happening yesterday.

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    Take a look at this thread...sounds like some similarities although my machine never went into limp mode.

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    mine does too but only until it stops beeping.

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    ok I hooked up the ski in the driveway and ran it at 4k rpms and up and did not over heat?? I am confused. anymore help

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    You ought to try and do what I did in the thread I sent.

    In the end, it came down to a partially clogged IC which I cleaned out by running coil cleaner through. I disconnected the inlet and outlet hoses of the IC and connected it to a bilge pump....ran coil cleaner through it both ways.

    I also blew compressed air through the small 1/4" line off the top of the IC on my RXP-X...that line was plugged with mud.

    I also blew some compressed air through the remainder of the open loop cooling system lines and exhaust manifold.

    I ran it hard on Saturday through some heavy chop for about 80 miles and not a single beep.


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    mine is an 03 S/C I do not have an I/C That was the upgrade for the next year. Even though I do want one. I hooked the hose up the the J Pipe connection on top ran water thru it and no problems there either. I do appreciate the post of yours though I did read it so i did the other stuff and skipped the i/c part.

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    The H Temp alarm is an exhaust overheat alarm. You could have a clog in your J pipe or it could be as simple as a bad exhaust temp sensor.

    In the end of your J pipe where it goes into the water box there is three tiny holes. One of these could be clogged up.

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