I have decided to sell my 96Xp with trailor due to lack of people to ride with.
96 Xp 800 Details
- Excellent shape no fadding what so ever with just the useal scraps and scrathes from its age.
-Never stored outdoor at all since I bought it and the way it looks from the previous owner.
- Gel Coat seems fine no damage or damage to the hull at all
- Solas XO Prop installed along with new wear ring
- New gas take installed due to recall
- Had compression test this summer done and was inspects from what I was told
- Bought it around June of this year off this forum
- Have tilte in hand
- Had all the filters and carbs cleaned this summer.

- Cant remember but its a 2003 or 2005 model and not sure on brand
- Its allumium tailor
- Can fit all the up to a 3 seater which I belive it was made for
- Needs one new tailight and the wiring redone have all the parts to fix it but never got around to it.
- One rear fender broke off and is still off. Still have it just needs reattached or reparied. They are plastic.
- Have bill of sale for it only.

I am locted in West Virginia

I would like to get $2200 for everthing.