All parts off vxr, hull is chainsaw bait rest is up let me know. all prices shipped or make offer, want this stuff gone asap

pump with good shaft 125 shipped
stock exhaust u pay shipping
61x cases 65 shipped
44 mm carb with reeds and intake 90 shipped
61x cylinder, minor score on exhaust side, gonna hone it out tomorrow and see how serious, had 145-110 comp 150 shipped
midshaft housing spins smooth 55 shipped
start stop switch 70 shipped (look identical)
61x ebox he said it all worked i never fired up the ski leads look good 70 shipped
61x stator 50 shipped
61x flywheel 50 shipped
throttle cable 30 shipped
steering cable pretty smooth 30 shipped (95 vxr steering cable)
Motor mounts 30 shipped for all 4
ride plate (make offer)
gas tank (mak offer)
oil tank (make offer)
handles bars throttle (make offer)
no seat,

Anything else you can think of on a 94 vxr pro that you need let me know, The chainsaw will make the hull fit in a trash can nicely next week, smashed between a couple boats and not worth repairing.

crank is gone already

If you dont like the price make offer i dont offend easily