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    Question 99 sltH with a miss

    I have a couple of other post on here about the same ski. Im starting another one because I dont think its a fuel issue. Ive replaced the fuel lines, rebuilt the carbs (CDK 2 Duel carbs) and replaced the old grey tempo fuel lines, with the black ones and changed the main jets one size bigger. What I think I have is a miss or stutter at about 3/4 thottle to WOT. Rmps drop from 6000 to around 5000. Should I cont. to fight the fuel or is it electrical. If anyone has any ideas please help.

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    gas tank check valve. look to see if your gas tank is imploding when it happens, or an exhaust leak.

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    thanks for the info ill be looking for an exhaust leak. As far as the tank, I have seen no signs of that but Ill check again

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