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    GPRXP Hulls - Ready For Conversion! Florida!

    I have one GP800R hull, that I took the motor out of. (Has everything but engine, pipe, electronics.) Everything else is there, and also have another GP1200R hull with everything but the motor, pipe, and electronics.

    Have clear titles for both ski's... GP800R only has 70 hrs, 1200 also has low hours but I can't remember exactly.

    Looking to get around 1500$ for each ski. OBO.

    Please PM or Call me directly at 239-450-3352, Thanks Tommy!

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    Pics, please and details of any damage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by YamahaToys View Post
    Pics, please and details of any damage.
    No Damage! I will get some pictures tommarow, but I work from 5:30 Am till 6:00 PM (and im up tooling around on the comp lol.)

    The GP800R is in amazing condition! Bottom of the hull, looks mint... minor minor beaching. Like I said everything but the motor/ebox/pipe... but i will throw in the pipe if some one really needs it! The only problem with this hull is that the visor has a crack at the top of it, nothing major. And the little glovebox lid (blue part behind the steering wheel) is broken so when you open it... its like your holding the little blue peice in your hand. But then when you click it back on it stay's... you pickin up what im putting down?

    The Gp1200r i'll also get pic's, its at my buddies house. We will have the pics up... sorry, lol.

    PS: Like I said, I will ship it... so it can go anywhere in the country.

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