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    1996 waveraider 1100

    I bought a waveraider 1100 that was taking all apart I have been finding parts as I need them.
    I am trying to find the glass fuse the manual calls out a 12v 10amp fuse. But not what length. I have tried putting in an AGC style and that is to long.
    Does anyone know the length of the fuse?


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    it is an AGC I just checked a spare box I have , did someone replace your fuse holder? or is a piece of the old fuse in there?

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    1996 waveraider fuse

    I checked fuse holder there was nothing inside of it. I tried an AGC fuse and the fuse is about 1/4 inch to big. I can not screw the top on.
    There must be a different style.
    My Yamaha manual calls out 10 amp 12v.
    I do not have an old fuse for reference

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