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    service help

    Just moved to Okinawa Japan. Plan on having a blast pretty much year round. I need some help. My 05 Seadoo GTX Limited was winterized at a dealer before I shipped my ski. The cylinders were fogged and all fluids drained. I can handle filling all the fluids but can't find anything on cylinders being fogged and how to basically "summer-ize" my ski to use it. Any help I can get will be greatly appreciated.


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    When de-winterizing the ski, The fogged cylinders will be fine, Just fire it up..It will run like crap for a few minutes until it burns out all the fogging oil...The one thing i could suggest that is after you start it up and it clears out is to replace the should be good after that..

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    Yes, when I winterize, I put in old plugs. Then in the spring, run the engine on the old plugs to burn off the fogging oil. Then you can put in new plugs. The one thing that you don't want to do is fog the engine and put in new plugs... Ron

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