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    2008 World Finals Survey. Input accepted

    I love this sport, and I want to help!! If you have an idea or suggestion that will possibly improve racing / spectating / fun factor at the World finals, then I want to hear about it!

    I will take the best ideas and present them to the event staff and possibly they will implement them.. REMEMBER.. This has nothing to do with the IJSBA; I am just seeking ideas.... You can post here, but if you send your info direct to [email protected] your input will remain confidential to both your peers and the powers above...

    I don't want to hear a bunch of whining or I will burn out quickly, so please state your issues in a concise direct format. I do want to hear the negatives, but don't forget to add what you also enjoyed the most!

    Let's make a difference!
    [email protected]

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    Way to go randy.. Thanks for wanting to make this sport even better..

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    Hey Randy!

    Thanks for jumping in and asking for thoughts about improving the sport - and it was good to see you hard at work in Havasu as well.....

    Two thoughts about my experience come to mind:

    1. We struggled with walking the vendor rows and missing the race action; it's tough to do both at the same time. I wonder if the broadcast could be distributed throughout the vendor areas as well (like a speaker here and there to tune it as you're picking up your Quakeysense swag). Or, some sort of race summary after the race ends broadcast througout the area.

    2. Information about what has happened - as pure spectators (no pit or vip passes for us), we watched several races each day, and things happened that we couldn't understand - guys broke down, got DQ'd, etc. I wonder if someone within the Event staff could get a race by race or unusual event posting on their website, so we could get the info without having to wander around asking 'what just happened'. Blogging is the future of information - it would kick butt if there was a 'World Finals Blog' happening from the tower, and someone could run to the pits to get updates on racers, skis, etc.

    Specific to #2 - we watched the final race Saturday (pro ski?) from the last bouy on the beach and Macc was kicking butt and taking names! Suddenly, his wife is screaming at him to stop, another guy is yelling at a slow rider to keep going, and there's pandemonium. We had no clue what took place, and couldn't find someone who had the correct information to fill us in. On Sunday, Rius broke down again in Pro Runabout, but we didn't know why. Some female racer got hurt pretty badly; don't know what happened. Etc.

    I think both of these would be easy to do - and would enhance for both the attendees, and the wish they were there's to feel more informed about what's going on.

    Hope that lends some quick insight from 2 people who went for the 1st time this year, and had a blast!


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    Lowell Horning suggested the following:
    -Have numbers assigned to riders... having 5 number 1 boats is confusing to the spectators and is pretty silly.
    -Have bibs made up for the riders. Not only will this help with ID boats, but will help ID racers to fans.

    Rubber band starts are still pretty bad, and the restarts are a waste of time, and are frustrating to everyone. If you HAVE to keep the rubber band, then have them all dead engine. This should cut it way down.

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    Maybe annouce racers in order instead of randomly. Often I was like which boat is #148 or 351... cant see the numbers when standing behind the ski's. Start from 1 end and just go down the line... now that would rock!

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    I have always said from my experience going to races...

    The venues suck!!...

    look @ Euro Disney... And some of the races in Belgium and France..
    They race on large wide rivers...

    Spectators have a full view of the course!! and the banks are usually sloped up like grandstands..

    I think Bernie Ecklestone has his hands in over there too..

    GP class is a big draw!!

    You need races in big cities.. Chicago... New York.... Miami...

    SOmeone other than Kawaski sponsering the show..

    Tech that does not rule according to sponsorship...

    Jus t a few things I noticed... And I am not bashing.. I just see the sport fading... As ridership increases in leaps and bounds..

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