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    SBT impeller exchange

    any have any experience? Any catches to this? Seems inexpensive to me. Need to send in my 2004 185 gtx imp to get fixed. No chunks missing just jagged edges and the lips curled slightly on some.
    What is the stock imp and is there a better replacement for a stock application.

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    stock is fine for stock machine...
    If you want a little gain, go to a solas 12/20.. but
    know you'll have to tweak it a little because
    on a totally stock boat, it will only pull about 7200-7400 rpms.
    So buy it from Impros or PPG or someone who can send it
    to you with the tweak you need. You'll love it then.
    Make sure you replace wear ring as well.

    I don't know anyone who has done the sbt impeller thing.
    check the classifieds.. you can prob. pick up a used 12/20 or
    a new/ used stock for a good price.

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    thanks foggy. This is my wifes machine I just picked up. I have a RXT 215. The deal was right in this gtx. I got 100lbs on her so dont want too much done to it. LOL
    what is the stock pitch?
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    "Stock" pitch is a totally diff. numbering system from that
    of the aftermarket impellers.
    The solas 12/20 is for 185 hp boats and is a littlle too steep f
    stock. I even tried the 11/19 which is for NA boats, but it
    put me on the rev limiter.
    You'll need to have impros or ppg take a little pitch out
    of the 12/20 . Or just go with a stock impeller if
    the wife isn't a speed freak.. It's a lot cheaper.. and you might
    find a new take off one in the classifieds... Or send you oem imp.
    into ppg or impros for repair
    about $100 plus the shipping.

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