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    New to GH, looking for gp1200 advice.

    Hi all,

    I'm new to GH, but im not total newb. I've been spending alot of time reading up on threads related to the GP1200.

    Anywho, here is my story and im sticking to it.

    Have a blaster, and its a blast, but i was looking for a ski i can use for longer more comfortable runs, and bring a girl with. Found a GP1200 on ebay and picked it up at a decent price with trailer. Got there to take a look and forgot my compression gauge... by this point i should have gotten an idea what was gonna happen. Anyway, the ski looked clean on the surface but the inside had some oil pooled in the hull, and an oil line disconnected from the tank. I assumed that it was from the line. I talked to the seller a bit, and started it up, it idled alittle rough but seemed ok. So i found the nearest napa and went to buy a compression gauge. the man at the store had no idea what one was, and i was like, crap.... then he started looking in catalogs and telling me he could order one. i walk around the store and find one in 10 seconds, walking back up to the counter with this "you idiot" look on my face.
    so i go back and compression test the ski, the first 2 cyls got 115 compression, and the last one aswell.... i thought perfect.
    long story short, i get home, and recompression test it, and the rear is at zero..... i guess i had forgotten to reset the gauge. shit happens, and to me......
    even longer more drawn out story shortened, i rebuild the thing, the rear cylinder was totally shot because it injested a screw, which had also put a hole in the lower case. So i weld up the case myself, clean up the cylinder ports and intake system a bit, get it bored and put a new set of pistons in her.

    So now i have a running ski yey! I like it alot, fast, fairly comfortable, and alot of storage. Im making a set of the tau ceti trim tabs to install on her, along with a r&d rideplate and intake grate.

    I want to put a new impeller on her, im really interested in a concord because i ride in alot of chop at times. What does everyone think about the concords for this ski.

    I also happen to have a MSD water injection system lying around... IS there any benefit for me to install on this ski? if not, im going to sell it.

    Im not going to go insane with this ski, but i do want enhance her a bit, so everyone's help and suggestions would be welcomed!


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    I wouldnt waste my time with that IMO.

    If i was you, there is a set of Riva Intake Grate and Ride plate for a 97-99 GP1200. Not sure if im right on the brand though.

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    I would get the R&D aquavane intake grate and R&D Proseries rideplate. I would also go with a solas XO prop.

    you also have a pm.

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