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    Storing gp 1300 tilted?

    Will it hurt anything to store my gp 1300 on the trailer, tounge tilted up at a high angle?
    I plan on filling the tank and using stabil, and may have a full oil tank as well. Is either likely to leak being at an angle?

    Tilting will allow me to have more garage space. Thanks...

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    If you look at it, you will see that a high angle will place a full fuel, and oil, tank at a point where the level sending unit/fuel lines fittings are submerged. That should be leakfree, but its still a thought. However, there will be head pressure on the fuel lines, and carbs if the fuel is not turned off, and that could contribute to leakage if the needles/seats do not seal well, even if the fuel is off, because you can get fuel back thru the return line which is submerged in fuel since the tank is fuel and the watercraft tipped up. Not to mention you should be removing the BATTERY.
    I would not be afraid to tip it up severely IF fuel/oil tanks were at less than half, and the battery was removed.

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    mines always been stored at a very sharp angle, nose pointing upward. (6months is my longest without riding)

    Its 100%. no problems.

    fuel tank on buzzer, oil tank 100%, i runa sealed deap discharge UPS battery.

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    Where is the fuel shut off and when should it be turned off. I don't have an owners book.

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