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    Post How To Restore Faded Plastic using a Heat Gun

    this subject was talked about in another thread, I thought I would post the how to videos pretty kewl method

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    has anyone used this technique first hand and what are the results ?

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    I do it to the side rails on my Yamaha. Works like a charm. Basicly all your doing is melting the plastic to smooth it out. It happens very quickly and you see the results instantly.

    Its actually very easy to do, just start out in an inconspicuous spot and go from there.

    If you have any really rough spots, you can take a scotch bright pad and smooth them out before you hit it with the heat gun.

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    I use a heat gun to fix plastic on ATV's. It makes the plastic look like new.

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    didnt work so well for me. i tried it on my atv plastics they did look better but in the end i just bought a sticker kit off line for 200

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    I've done it on extremely faded plastics.

    Looks a lot better than it did before.

    Looks far less than perfect or new.

    Did not work well at all on the softer plastics; like the bar pad.

    You can melt the heck out of it, and reshape it too, but it takes a lot of patience and methods to get any type of texture ya might like.

    Stay away from the fiberglass bits with the heat though, it'll pop a small piece of gelcoat off quick.

    Gotta clean it up really well before doing this heat gun trick. I didn't and i basically melted dirt and mildew into the plastic; which was then a real pain to get out.

    Overall it worked great for a real old ski like mine.

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    Anyone have before and after pics?

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    Now I know what to do with my grab handle on the back, and those facias, or whatever they are called where my primer, and fuel select switch are....

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