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    Oil Change for Winterizing

    I have searched and have found a couple of mixed responses on regarding when to change the oil in regards to winterizing the ski. I am hoping to get a better answer from this thread. Is it best to change the oil at the end of the season when your winterizing it, at the beginning of the season when bringing it back to life, or changing it at both times. I've heard doing it once a season is all that is really needed, but 'when' is my question.

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    you def. need to change oil and filter NOW at end of season..
    regarless of hours, usage, etc..
    You do not want moisture, gas, combustible waste etc
    attacking your internals for it's winter nap.
    You should also change when getting ready for spring..
    Changing the filter in spring is up to you.. really depends on
    how dirty/used the oil coming out now is..
    Don't skimp on the oil itself or change intervals...
    an ouce of prevention..................
    I usually change my oil and filter at least once in mid season as
    well. I know the book says you can go 50 hours, but I think
    that's b.s.
    I go 25 hours TOPS between oil changes. cheap insurance and
    let's me know frequently the shape of the engine by how the
    oil looks, feels, smells,etc so IF i do have anything going on
    I can catch it early.

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    what if i just remove the oil at the end of the season and put new oil in at the beginning of the next season. I'll just make a sign and put it on the sea-doo saying to put oil in before starting it next season so i don't forget.

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    When you vacuum out the oil, you don't get all of the oil out. About 1 quart stays in the engine. If you want to be cheap, get the old oil out and replace it with the cheapest mineral oil you can find, then vacuum that oil out in the spring and replace it with good mineral oil. Just my $.02... Ron

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    You def need to change the oil now. The acids in the oil break down and if they sit long enough they can pit the bearings. Happened to my buds boat this summer. He didn't change the oil and put the boat in this spring, and mid summer he was going across the lake and the oil pressure dropped to 0 . We pulled the motor and found 2 bad crank bearing. Just a good lesson to change your oil, it's cheap insurance.

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    I just had my oil changed at my ten hour service, about two hours ago. Do you think it is necessairy that I change mine? seems like a waste to me.

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