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    Cool A couple questions about my ultra 150

    I pulled my ultra out today and decided to do some work on it as it hasn't ran in about a year. Put the new starter in and have it running, had to clean the clogged pisser lines. I have a couple questions.

    1. How much water should be coming out of my front pisser when using water hose? (I have a good amount coming out the exhaust and pump areas)

    2. I feel of each cylinder and the two rear cylinders get warm however the front one stays very cool and I believe is not fireing at idle, it is possible it's not firing at all. (I did swap plugs to see if it moved cylinders and didn't & it has new plugs) Checked and all 3 are getting fire

    3. I have a noise coming from the rear area of the ski and I"m not sure if is the pump but I would assume so. When I rev the engine some the noise goes away (1200-1500 rpm)

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    not sure about the water but at idle not much just like a slight pour.

    to check spark...remove plugs with plug wires and turn ski over to see if you are getting spark on each plug..

    if its a slight whining noise its probably the bearings..the stock ones are only good for about 70 hrs. You can take off the rear pump cone to check. But its better just to replace them now before they freeze up and tear up your pump. A new pump will cost around 700 when bearings are way cheaper. they claim to have found a better bearing that lasts longer...

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